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Who is funding Ilario Pantano?

I am. And so are some of my neighbors. I am from Texas. Mr. Pantano was invited by our Republican Congressman who is Ilario's "mentor" as a first time candidate, to meet some of his mentor's constituents in Texas. The Republican Party pairs "experienced" Congressmen with "newcomers" to help them navigate many of the issues they have not encountered before in a Congressional campaign.

Mr. Pantano spoke for about 45 minutes, then spent a couple of hours answering questions about his background, his service, (not once, but twice) in the Marine Corps. He told us that he left his "cushy" Wall Street job and rejoined the Marines after 9/11 for his second time through.

He told how he started a small media business hiring people to cover the war. He told of the hell of war, and the pain of the investigation of his service record. He told us that he would sign up, and defend his country in a minute, even after the experience that shook him to the core.
He told us about writing the book and defending his record, and thereby defending the record of every serviceman and woman who serves in the heat of battle. He spoke with conviction and a quiet strength about the enemies outside the country, and the enemies within.

He sees and understands attacks on our freedoms, internally through the social welfare state, which turn all of us into slaves, and the enemies with out, who have been jealous of our economic success, and who fear that our way of life will unalterably change theirs-Enemies who would rather kill us than understand us.

We believe he is sincere, genuine, and not afraid to do the right thing. We think he is not afraid to say what he needs to say, and to say "no" when he needs to. We need representatives with a spine. We need a lot of them. We believe Mr. Pantano has that.

So a few neighbors in Texas wrote a few checks to help this eager, smart, patriot run against an entrenched incumbent. We are not institutions or unions. We are families who are impressed with Mr. Pantano. NC7 is lucky to have such an inspiring patriot, educated and thoughtful candidate, to challenge a long-time "me-too" "bring home the bacon" democrat.

The small gathering of people of Texas who met Ilario are rooting for the People of North Carolina 7 to vote for the candidate with guts. Vote for the candidate who will help restore fiscal disciplne. Vote for the candidate who understands, recognizes and will stand up against tyranny both inside and outside the United States.

Thank you North Carolina 7 for sending Ilario Pantano to the U S House of Representatives to beat back the onslaught of "Progressivism"-progressively taking over your life through regulation and redistributing your hard earned dollars to the charities of the bureaucrats' choices.


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