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He was found not guilty by a court martial

They have been in the business of covering up atrocities.

Of course the greatest atrocity was invading a country based on lies, and it spent a great deal of time covering up individual atrocities.

This was a Republican war, but even Democrats lent a hand with the cover up. The pictures from Abu Ghraib were awful, but our government tried to keep them from being released.

If we can't deal with our own problems, why should any country respect us, or why should we respect our government?

There's no question that Pantano pumped not 20+20 bullets into the backs of the heads of two civilians he knew to be unarmed, but 30+30. They were kneeling when he murdered them.

No GI should ever get a free pass by wrapping himself in a flag. I was in Viet Nam when Lt. William Calley led the My Lai massacre that slaughtered 350-500 unarmed and defenseless women, children, disabled persons and elders. Carter pardoned him after he served only house arrest, a terrible mistake.

I spent two years in 'Nam, by the way, and have two honorable discharges.


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