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Come on Common

I have fired many weapons, I am actually a good shot even though they scare me. I have never hunted or killed any animals nor humans. I do not like guns and refuse to own one, that is my right as it is yours to carry one with you all the time... for whatever reason.

My husband is retired from the military and served longer than your new best buddy Pantano. I know many ex military men that I wouldn't call to put me out if I were on fire. Just because someone was in the military does NOT make them some sort of Demigod. Many boys/men join because they lack any other option.

IMO Pantano has a dark side. I replied to one of your other posts you sent to me but don't think it got through. Whether he shot them in the back or front, I asked you why he had to unload 2 magazines into already dead men? Also why he had to write a sign to place on their bodies? Do you feel that a mentally stable man would do that? He shows lack of self-control. Dead is dead, enough already. It looks to me like he lost it.

I don't like him also because he is too far right for my tastes. Frankly the "murder" incident has given me and others a lot of fodder for our canons. I am sure he expected it, if he didn't he lives in fantasy land. I have rarely been "unbiased" in my views as you say. You and I say what we think and you have given many opinions that I thought where wrong as well.

To each his own.


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