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For one thing, I couldn't have served even if I had wanted too so that's rather a moot point. I do, however, know how to fire both rifles and handguns, and own several of each. I would also point out, that my mind was made up long before Showboating Sarah made this endorsement. I would never have voted for Pantano. Don't get me wrong, I don't like McIntyre either, but as in most all elections is the lesser of two evils and he is closer to my views on the issues than Pantano is.

Secondly, joining the military doesn't automatically guarantee you hero status. Brave and patriotic, perhaps, but you can just as easily loose that noble status by your actions. Joe McCarthy, Timothy McVeigh, and a fair amount of other former military men aren't exactly going down in history as "hero's." Not that I am comparing them to Pantano, but I think his questionable past actions does lead to me questioning his ability to be a leader in Congress. And before you say "he was acquitted...would you want OJ Simpson to be a congressman?


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