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So you're worried that he..... going to start shooting up the House? If not, what is there to worry about?

BTW, if I was arguing against OJ Simpson being elected, I wouldn't keep going back to a crime for which he was acquitted, simply because it flies in the face of a basic tenet of our system of government. When a person is acquitted or a grand jury refuses to return a true bill of indictment, that's it. He is not guilty of that crime. The Article 32 is the same as a grand jury investigation and presentation, only the convening authority serves as the jury. He decides if there is sufficient evidence to go to trial.

I know that you are fiscally conservative and socially liberal. What policies of Pantano scare you? Which do you agree with?

I'm voting for McIntyre to keep a promise, but if Pantano wins, I couldn't care less. I think either man is capable of doing a great job, and I defend both of them when I think they're being wronged....and they have both been subjected to an incessant string of lies in this campaign.


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