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Das and Maj

Thanks for offerring your opinions, which I respect and understand completely. (I do think you guys overestimate the efficacy of the Christian Taliban, however.)

I'm not stumping for Pantano, but one thing to consider is that right now, the direction of our country relative to private ownership, individual success, and personal accountability may be the biggest problem we are facing, far bigger than religion or gay rights. (Easy for a straight guy to say, right?)

Here's what I mean: What good will it be to have gay marriage recognized if the gay couple (demographically of a higher income group) like every other successful couple, is punitively and oppressively taxed because of their success? And it's coming. It's coming in spades! We are going to return to pre-Reagan tax levels or we are going to default on our debt if we don't slam on the entitlement brakes right now.

In that regard, I would be voting for Pantano had I not already promised my vote to McIntyre. I'm 100% behind any candidate who is vowing to stop the spending insanity.

I only hope that they actually do it if they gain the majority, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't have my doubts. I trust neither party to hold the checkbook.

However, if you folks will back my efforts to become Emperor, we can get everything sorted out very quickly and fairly...


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