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Common, I will be happy to back your efforts for an empirical reign, just "let my people go!" Or at least give us equal rights...and do away with religious influence in government and hell, i'll come work for you :)

I definitely agree with you on the mad spending in our government. I will say that I think even the Republicans would have ended up doing the same thing to keep us out of a depression. While bailing out big businesses isn't's an evil necessity to keep the economy chugging along.

In terms of waste, yes there is TONS of government waste. I would counter though that even if you got rid of programs that a majority of Americans thought unnecessary the economy/government still couldn't operate effectively on an equal taxing of the population. I have been lucky to make a lot of money in my life and I pay a LOT of money in taxes each year. Do I like it...NO! Do I realize that it's the price of our freedom, our way of life and our governmental system...yes. Frankly at this point I think our entire governmental system is so complicated and candidtates try to simplify it into sound bites ("i'll create jobs") that it's like a beauty queen saying she will solve world peace. It's just too complicated to be something that pleases everyone. I guess i'm a bit pessimistic, but I think the only way to ever be truly happy about your government is to live alone on an island haha. Hmmm...maybe theres an idea :)


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