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WILMINGTON -- For many people here in Wilmington superstitions are running wild. Karen Berg works in oldest building in Wilmington. She said, "If I had a salt shaker I'd probably throw some salt over my shoulder." Berg said, "I don't necessarily want to be in the building by myself today, seeing that it's Friday the 13th." Lew Musser is a Wilmington ghost walk tour guide. He expects sold out crowds tonight. Musser said, "Friday the 13th is generally a night when we will experience some sort of paranormal activity, whether it's at a haunted house... Maybe we'll see something up in a window that night, maybe we'll see a lantern up in the window, maybe someone will write 'help' up in the window." Terri Rais is a pagan and says most of her beliefs are based on superstition. Today won't keep her from enjoying her vacation here. Rais said, "The only superstition I do have is whenever I've gone ice skating on Friday the 13th I've always fallen, but any other time I've never fallen." Legend says don't have a black cat cross your path, especially today. Another popular superstition: bad luck if you walk under a ladder. Musser said, "Friday the 13th is pretty good during the day. It's even better at night. The darker it gets, the better it gets." As for the superstition about 13th floors, 90 percent of the elevators made by the world's largest elevator company, Otis, do not have a button for the thirteenth floor.

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