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Social Security

I wasn't sure until Mike played the social security card he was losing. Sad thing is Al Gore liked to talk about the "LOCK BOX" for social security but it was the democrats that ended the social security trust fund and put the money in the general fund. But ever election year they try to scare retired people who depend on the fund they destroyed. Democrats stay in power by scaring the hell out of uneducated people who have become convienced there survival depends on a government check. Democrats don't waant their voters to succeed, if they do they won't need the democrats anymore. Your article also goes on about how independent McIntired is of Pelosi; if he wants to really show his independence change parties. If he doesn't support his party why would they support him for this area. Wake up people this country is at a cross road if you work hard and would like to keep some of your earnings to help yourself and your family you need to vote Republican. There was a time where there wasn't that much difference in the parties; now, the democrats are SOCIALIST.


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