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Voter's mind made up !

Voters have already made up their minds despite all these political shenanigans ! The political pendulum has swung to the right which does not bode well for The Democratic Socialist Party.Across the board EVERYONE's taxes will rise in the coming year. The Debt Commssion is looking at eliminating mortgage interest deductions and child tax credits, therefore most people will get a tax bill . This is their solution to putting a dent in their IRRESPONSIBLE borrowing ( stimulus ) . You will bear the burden for irresponsible government as usual ! Mike McIntyre is a SENIOR DEMOCRATIC WHIP whose job is to push the Democratic agenda . The Democratic BIG GOVERNMENT agenda will be financed by you and your grandchildren. The recipients of BIG GOVERNMENT ( THE TAKERS ) are depending on the productive members of society ( THE GIVERS ) to continue to subsidize their parasitic lifestyles !


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