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I was on the fence,

I was on the fence, wondering who to vote for until McIntyre came out with his Social Security ads, low-rating his opponent about SS. We all know that the system is broken and can't continue to exist as it is currently being run.

I lost a lot of respect for Mike when he stated that he wouldn't "mess" with SS. Unfortunately, it must be "messed" with or the current employees in their 40s and 50s will never see a pension check from SS. He has to face the reality that SS must be reformed in some manner or it will cease to exist.

This is election year, nauseating BS. Pantano might not be the answer. But, after watching McIntyres's SS ad, I voted for Pantano.

Thank God, election time is almost over. The mail carrier can get a break. My telephone can get a break. These all-day robot recordings extolling the virtues of their favorite candidate turns me off. I hang up as soon as I hear the recording start.

I hope that Pantano won't sign a pledge with Mike. SS has to be reformed, maybe not Pantano's way, but some way. Else, the younger folks will never get SS.


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