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Vandalism? Why aren't we talking about Pantano's alleged crimes?

As a North Carolina resident and proud family member of decorated veterans, I am frankly shocked that no one cares about the severity of the war crimes Pantano is accused of.

Regardless of politics, he admits and is proud of the fact that he put 60 rounds of heavy artillery into two unarmed prisoners of war, and then played games with their corpses. That the charges were later dropped despite the damning testimony of his own fellow soldiers dumbfounds me-- and he ADMITTED doing it and takes pride in it!!! Honestly, that could be a capital crime in many states, and we are seriously thinking of sending this guy to congress?? It takes a whole lot for a marine to consider accusing a fellow marine of a war crime, and the fact that the court marshal dismissed the case (he was not found "innocent") reminds me of the old saying that military justice is for justice what military music is for music, i.e. a second-rate imitation.

I will cry for our state if this animal represents us. His GOP primary opponent was also a combat vet, and HE said as much himself. There is no honor in shooting unarmed prisoners of war! And people care about a campaign sign? It's not even on the same planet.


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