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You don't even know what you're talking about

You've been listening to the mcintyre campaign for too long. We haven't used "clips" on shoulder fired weapons for almost half a century. You people are like a broken record.

In the meantime, please cite any example of Pantano being found guilty of anything greater than Jaywalking.

Just one.


I dare you.

You can't... can you? You're just another Pantano hater who has nothing whatsoever to damn him on but what the Democratic Party tells you.

When you've served in two wars, and when two terrorists rush you with the intent to kill you, I'd love to see what your reaction would be.

Nah, I'll wager you've never even come close to the danger Pantano has faced in his lifetime. It's so much easier for you to condemn him from the safety of your nice air conditioned home, isn't it?


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