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The Social Security Issue that changed my mind

I had a degree of confidence in Mike until he used this time un-honorable ad about Social Security. Anyone with a degree of mental ability knows that the SS program must be revised or it's credibility is done for. There ain't anyway for it to continue as a Ponzi Scheme.

Following Mike's ad, I voted for Pantano. I really didn't think Mike would stoop that low. But, hey! It's politics at its worst. When politicians get desperate, they always try fear. Well, it lost Mike one vote. People aren't stupid. They have seen this old trick during every election in the past twenty years.

I am a senior citizen who depends upon SS for most of my living. It can't go on much longer without a complete overhaul. Mike knows it or he's stupid. Stupid, he ain't. Scared properly describes him at this point. I am disappointed in him. He should know better--and he does know better. He has tried to destroy his opponent's credibility and lost his own.


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