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There needs to be a major, very conspicuous disclaimer - or better yet specific portion of your website dedicated to these press releases. These are very divisive in nature, and are used as a political tool by the parties to smear and derail candidates. You nor I, nor anyone reading this knows any of this to be true. Not a single word - and my guess is, it isn't. Goolsby and Rabon are not that stupid - plus, they have plenty of money to buy their own ads. I know Goolsby personally, and he would never under any circumstances approve this - if there is any truth to what happened, it was definitely an oversight.

The truth is, the democrats have had a chokehold on this state for over 110 years, and they'll be damned if they're about to give it up now. They see the writing on the wall, and they are scared senseless. They can't fight candidates who talk of low taxes and less government equaling less burden on the struggling taxpayer - they want to continue to raise taxes and increase government; thereby finishing off our economy. Since they can't go out there with the truth, they come up with pathetic flailing attempts to obfuscate the issues like this.


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