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Several issues with the Skyway...

1. If the gov't says it will cost $1.1 billion, we all know it will actually cost $2 billion or more. The Turnpike authority says in their publicly available presentation in Oct 2009 that inflation risk very significant.

2. If the gov't says it will take 5 years to build, it will actually take 10 years to build. When was the last time a state DoT project came in on time (see the multiple projects around the state that are late and over budget).

3. The area that those neighborhoods backup to is wetlands area. Where's the environmental activists at?

4. Are people really going to use the skyway at $3.00 per day instead of sitting in traffic for 10 minutes?

5. Will all the people who work downtown (like at PPD) use the skyway which puts them way out of the way versus using the current bridges which takes them directly there?

6. What about expanding the causeway to 3 lanes (with pull of areas on each side) in both directions and building a high rise bridge to replace the Cape Fear memorial bridge? Then traffic never gets interrupted there. That will be a lot less expensive.

7. Bill Sue was against the current location of the bridge a few months ago? Why the change of heart? Could money be involved?

8. One convenient fact left out of reports (again clearly stated as an issue) is the need to toll other sections of the 140 by-pass.


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