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I agree...

...that the cops were RIGHT and acted appropriately.

FACT: It was QUICKLY escalating into something destined to be uncontrollable. Disagree? Look at the 4th clip listed above. It's the very definition of visual AND audio chaos. You can't make out what's in front of your eyes! You can't hear anything but the deafening roar of the mob. You wouldn't have been able to hear gunshots, much less a verbal warning to disperse.

FACT: Crowds have a tendency to develop a pack-like quality that can and DOES turn violent, especially over something people are passionate about. Don't believe me? Google soccer riots if your memory fails you on how many people have been trampled, and that's just passion over a sport, not a nation.

FACT: We can agree they all went down there that night to go to the bars. The bars close at 0200 hrs. Why hang around outside after that? Consider: Strangers who appear very intoxicated are discovered dancing and shouting in your front yard at a ridiculous time of the morning. Can you honestly say it wouldn't bother you? And if it WOULD bother you, ask yourself why. It's because it's NOT right and would therefore be perceived as a threat to your well-being.

FACT: Bar close downtown is usually wrapping up no later than 0300 hrs. This past weekend, it was just as busy at 0500 hrs. as it was at 0230 hrs. It WAS out of the ordinary. It NEEDED to be addressed.

FACT: One person was arrested for assaulting a law enforcement animal. AGAIN. Folks, there's just NO justification for that assault. Also, a police officer was assaulted. That kind of behavior simply CANNOT be tolerated. If someone is willing to assault those who are supposed to protect us, what does that say about what they would do to the rest of us? If they have no qualms about assaulting a cop, they will not hesitate to assault anyone else.

FACT: Only one person sought treatment by EMS as a result of the spray. ONE. There were eight thousand on hand. 8,000.

BOTTOM LINE: At 0200 hrs., they should have all been making their way home, not congregating IN THE STREETS IN THE WEE HOURS. Bars were closed. Shops were closed. GO HOME. We have this problem EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND. It does NOT get better. It's ridiculous, it's stupid, and all drunkards and partiers who can't see that really have no business being on public streets. Being young does NOT give you carte blanche to be irresponsible and idiotic.


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