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overheard officers bragging about this

it is clear in the video that there is no violent acts taking place and that 2 WPD officers walked casually by the camera shortly before the pepper spray they seemed to be laughing in the video an just watching that things didnt get out of hand ...BUT THE THING THAT HAS NOW SET ME OFF ABOUT THIS IS WHAT I OVERHEARD FROM SOME OFFICERS WHILE THEY LAUGHED IT UP DURING A MASS DINNER BREAK AT A LOCAL ESTABLISHMENT ...THINGS BEING SAID ABOUT HOW FUN IT WAS TO SPRAY THOSE KIDS HOW HILARIOUS IT WAS TO MAKE EM RUN LIKE ANIMALS ...REALLY WPD YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED TO HAVE OFFICERS WITH THIS MENTALITY ON YOUR FORCE ...understand this had someone been injured due to the release of a toxic spray ( pepper spray is considered a toxic airborne assult tool by definition in the PATRIOT ACT LAWS the city can and will be held liable for injuries incured during this event ...I ADVISE THAT ANYONE WHO WAS INVOLVED SEEK LEGAL COUNSEL AND FILE CHARGES AGAINST WPD ...if you were caused to fall hurt yourself in any manner while attempting to flee the scene you do have a case against this city ..and as for the wpd officers bragging about their actions you should relize i was eating with a lawyer and a judge from another NC city who were completly appauled by the manner in which you spoke about the civilians you are suppose to protect ...i have seen what a dirty police force can do to a town ive been thru that in my hometown here in NC and those officers are currently serving time for their crimes really makes me think this is not the beautiful city that they try to make it out to be with a police force willing to laugh about assulting people in the streets ...i truly beleive that people who were assulted need to file charges against WPD for their actions...and just to be sure its said ..NOT ALL OFFICERS ARE BAD BUT LIKE ANYGROUP OUT THERE IT ONLY TAKES A FEW DOING THE WRONG THING TO TARNISH THE IMAGE OF AN ENTIRE GROUP IM SURE WPD HAS SOME FINE OUTSTANDING MEN AND WOMEN ON THEIR FORCE BUT THERE ARE A FEW ROTTEN APPLES IN THE BARREL THAT NEED THROWN OUT ....and due to what happened last time i commented on a subject like this my name is kept private because i have experienced retaliation by a police force before sad as it is to say that ..its AMERICA YOU HAVE RIGHTS ..USE THEM


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