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the whole thing is crazy

get a lawyer and file charges against WPD were you injured then they are responsible for personal damages and or counseling for you ....this is quickly becoming a big subject in several areas ..someone asked a great question ...what if this had happened at any other downtown event the azalea festival for instance if the police opened up on that crowd with pepper spray there would have been deaths ..why you ask because several of the people in attendence would be elderly and the spray may very well cause severe if not fatal conditions to them what if lets just say an elderly group would have been out dont give that its to late for old people crap elderly people do come out late sometimes...this whole deal would have been awfully worse ...using he spray could have very well put Wilmington on the map for all the wrong reasons and the way this story is getting attention it may very well do just that the police should have had more officers out they knew the crowds would be large but they had a minimum force working that night maybe instead of buying brand new patrol cars IE: camaro's aint cheep kids nor gas guzzling SUV's an jus pay the overtime to the extra officers an have plenty on sight when they know there is gonna be a large crowd ...i mean it was almost ridiculous the amount of officers present for the azealea festival its a huge deal people travel from all over for ....bottom line this was handled poorly and some people will end up sueing the police force and possible even the city for what happened


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