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One in one hand and onlyone inthe other

First off I say be glad all where not taken and booked for PI and there is the fact that this was not a street Halloween Party so everyone there except the police had just left local Bars...In Dallas Tx everyone would have been booked and charged with questions asked and without warning...just rounded up and that be that...I think it would have been a bad thing if they did that as I love Halloween and good spirit, I am just saying be glad that never took place...But on the other hand I totally agree that the spraying of pepper spray was totally out of line without the use of a speaker that we all know every police car has...that is not the proper way to handle a peaceful crowd and several officers should be questioned about their choices in this matter:and be made to attend proper training on how to deal with a PEACEFUL CROWD..I am totally sure most of the people would have left if the officers said Heck Yes we love the US TOO...but we want you to do this in your own home and not downtown tonight...being calm is better than going crazy on someone which is what the officers choose to do...BAD CHOICE WILMINGTON PD


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