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If you cops in Wilmington

If you cops in Wilmington and Carolina Beach, NC continue on the path you are on, then the other 99 counties and 49 states are going to come slap your police forces back into submission. Remember the 2nd Amendment?

PROTECT AND SERVE, do not attempt to CAUSE a riot and then laugh about it in a local restaurant.

You are not in Iraq anymore but we would be happy to ship some of you back there. The American people did not hire you morons to beat on or assault with pepper spray our woman and children in the streets while they chant USA USA USA.

Every one of the people in that street is someones Mother Father Son Daughter Brother or Sister.

1 million sworn police officers in the Country "CAN NOT" oppress 320,000,000 UNITED STATES CITIZENS for much longer and I am at a lose as to why your county thinks it can.

Be very careful what you wish for NHC Law Enforcement, you may just get it. The rest of us in the US are already looking at your county as a problem child.

Now go vote!

De Oppresso Libre


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