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unbeleivable patrolman trampled kid ..cops laughed

there was a guy that got stomped on by a horse officer an left laying there hurt during this ..REALLY it is amazing that there isnt anyone there to police the police yes i said it someone needs to contact a federal agency to look into the actions taken by WPD not only on this past Sat night but over the past year or so things have really gotten out of hand since arriving in this town i have heard so many things about WPD that staying here is really sorta not looking like a good thing to do uncalled for use of force arresting a woman for aiding a man who got sprayed with pepper gas ive heard of college girls getting pulled over late night and asked for " FAVORS " to keep them out of tickets the entire amount of what has been told to me disgusts me ..Sat night people waiting on a pizza also got sprayed WHY?? they were doing nothing wrong several people with breathing problems were sent into a dizzing coughing and hacking induced frenzy by the pepper spray some older people who were here on vacation and enjoying the nightlife this city has to offer were walking back to their car passing by the patriotic chants of USA USA USA they also just so happened to be right beside the officers when they shot pepperspray into the crowd and said there was no warning just 1 cop said to another to hold his breath this is gonna be fun ..THIS IS GONNA BE FUN??? ....luckily his wife had her inhaler or she could have possibly needed rushed to the ER and they ask why the police felt the need to spray a group of citezens and soldiers who mind you have been fighting for our rights for chanting in support of our country USA USA USA ...they didnt spray the crowds in the street for chanting YES WE CAN & CHANGE IS NOW OR OBAMA during the large crowds of people out the night he was elected to office ..and like said within these posts what if it had been azaelea fest or riverfest or any other of the public events this city is known for things could have been really bad ...i have heard they arrested a guy because he tried to pet a police horse and called it assault dont know if its true but its out there and the videos there were 20 some odd vids but only 4 are seen here most were taked from celluar phones some like the longest one which has the clearest images show the crowd was not hundreds it was more or less 50 to 75 people as shown the majority seem to be walking past or watching even a few officers just about 1 min before the spray induced panic several innocent bystanders or so called collateral damage were caught up in this mess WPD should be ashamed of what happened and i agree with the post about paying some overtime to have a proper amount of officers on duty instead of buying pretty new toys or wastefull large patrol trucks it all could have been handled better simply put as for me im looking into moving to a city that doesnt use such force against harmless people for their own amusment and as for my friends who were in town for a weekend getaway they are seeking legal counsel and will be filing charges against WPD and the city of Wilmington as will several others who were there ....thank you to the soldiers who fight for my rights for my freedoms without you the world would be a much scarier and darker place and as a citizen i apologize to you servicemen and women who were so wrongfully assulted by a police force gone rouge ....USA USA USA USA


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