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Leland resident

Dear Resident of Leland:

You make a valid point but would be more credible if your spelling and grammar were better.

I'm not just voting against Bill Sue because we disagree on this bridge. I am also voting against Bill Sue because he finds it so easy to spend 2 billion dollars that we don't have. He is ready to spend it now and figure out how to pay for it later, before we have explored more affordable and reasonable options.

I don't feel that we need this bridge until we have completed I140 on the Brunswick County side of the river. As it is now we are just dumping all of this traffic into Leland. A lot of that would go away if I140 connected with US74. After that, if the problem still exists, THEN we can discuss building this two billion dollar bridge.

There are many other fiscally responsible people who feel the same way, including Mayor Futch (who will be getting my vote in his next election).

Until we explore this alternative we just have a lot of people wanting to spend tons of money on a project that former Governor Easley put into motion. That alone should make us suspicious. There must be long lines of connected people waiting to get their hands on some of the money that will be spent on this project.

I previously knew exactly how the bridge affected me, but the plans have changed so many times that I simply want to verify which plan is current. I work for a living and don't have time to attend all these meetings.


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