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(Pie in the) Skyway Bridge

Alternatives to the (pie in the)Skyway Bridge are very few and far between. Why? Because the Wilmington TAC wants the (pie in the)Skyway Bridage and they are determined to shove it down our throat whether we like it or not. They won't offer alternatives because they don't want any considered. Is anyone willing to pony up the (estimated) $7 toll to use the (pie in the)Skyway Bridge on a daily basis? I'm not, nor am I crazy about being on the hook for the $49 million dollars per year that the state is going to kick in for 40 YEARS to bridge the shortfall between the tolls and the cost of construction of the (pie in the)Skyway Bridge. I don't think my children's children will be too happy to help pay for this folly either.

Quicker to construct and more cost effective than the (pie in the)Skyway Bridge would be additional lanes along the causeway. An additional lane each way would be a tremendous help, would not need additional property purchased and would buy time until the missing link of I-140 is built.

Unfortunately, Mr. Sue's backbone did not allow him to stay until the end of the Leland town council meeting Saturday and answer any of the questions his constituents may have had. He managed to say his piece and left immediately afterwards. If we're still paying the commisioners $50/"meeting", we didn't get our money's worth. He also managed to ignore the voices of the many constituents that were there and voted to support a corridor that divides the very town he lives in. To his credit though, at least he was there. More than could be said for the rest of the TAC, the Turnpike Authority or NCDOT.

This (pie in the)Skyway Bridge is a distraction that is taking away from real, cost-effective and practical measures that can be built far sooner.


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