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Hog Wash

I have read all the comments here and I am going to put my two cents in. First there was a comment that Republicans did not vote the straight ticket. WHAT A CROCK!!!! While a lot of them did not, most did. Here's and example In Pender County they had 2 Commissioners that needed to be replaced but because they where Republicans they are still there. Why because some of the Republicans of Pender cared more about being a part of the group nationaly than having a mind of there own and looking out for their county. In New Hanover, Pender, and all over the state good canadates where over looked because they had a D behind their name. People paid more attention to the national race and forgot about our own counties. Just because they where democrats did not mean they were bad people and we Republicans treated them like monsters. These people deserved our attention! While I will be the first to speak out and agree with my fellow Republicans that we really need a change there where some Republicans that should have been voted out. We all got so caught up in it, I saw a Republican pole worker calling other pole workers names (because they were Democrats). I witnessed a person spit and call Democrats names while weaving a Pantano sign at the Spot festival. I don't think this is what Ilario Pantano wanted! Well now we will get what we deserve and that is people we should have replaced and did not. We have become the very thing we fight so hard against. WE THE PEOPLE Well we will suffer for the next 4 years in some counties all because of our pride and lack of voter education.

I am ashamed.................


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