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Have You gotten the Message Congressman?

"Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery. ~ Winston Churchill

Have you gotten the message Congressman.

Stop redistributing the earnings of hard working Americans so worthless weasels who've never worked a day in their lives can continue to live off the fat of entitlements.

A political neophyte gave you the heebie geebies and nearly sent you back to Lumberton or into a life as a Lobbyist.

Stand up for those of us who pay taxes.

If Pit Bull Pelosi and Harry Reid try to shove through some more government give away programs using borrowed money during the Lame Duck session -- remember, we're watching.

You claim to be a Blue Dog Democrat -- then be one.

Harry Truman's claim to fame, and the spark to his political rise, was a focus on fiscal integrity. He was always focused on not borrowing money the "People" could not afford to repay.

We're trillions in debt. Nothing to show from the "Stimulus" spending other than joke programs like the study on yoga exercise and its impact on hot flashes. Certainly no long term economic stimulation or creation of a significant number of private secotr jobs.

We're watching Congressman. You will stand for re-election in less than 2 years. We will not forget your actions during the next two years. Don't think that spreading "Bank of Mike" checks around the District will do the job.

Tough decisions need to be made to return our Country to the prosperity and pride which we once enjoyed. Are you man enough to help make those decisions?

Remember, we are watching.


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