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Nothing accomplished...

...except stopping the Socialist agenda bent on destroying America as we know it. For example, Obumbler has already pronounced Cap-n-Trade dead.

The House controls the purse strings. That's a very powerful tool. Anything can be DE-funded.

You can no longer break a filibuster in the Senate, even when the Maine RINOs Snowe and Collins join the Socialists. (In two years, look for Snowe to be unemployed!)

Yes, we also realize that our job is only half done - 2012 starts right now, and even more of the wealth redistribution loons get voted out in two years. We're getting back to an America where your life is what YOU make it, not what the government says it can be.

A successful person voting for a Democrat is like a woman inviting a known rapist home for a few drinks - really naive, poor judgment, or just plain stupid.


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