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Republicans have amnesia..

We're getting back to an America where your life is what YOU make it, not what the government says it can be..

I find it so ridiculous how all you republicans have amnesia and dont remember the entire 8 years you all had the country in the worst economic crisis in America's history..You were controlling the House, Senate and Presidency and what did yall do but run this country into the hole..You say getting back to America where your life is what YOU make it? Funny I thought we were already at that place because before Obama, foreclosure on houses were at an all time high, jobs were being sent overseas, we were fighting two wars that had no justification in the first place..where were all you tea partyers and republicans then when America needed you or when the stock market crashed below 10,000..hmmm? were you waiting on the country to finally get back on its feet and then you want to claim your hypocrisy..or is this just about a black president, plain and simple..because if not, your party is the biggest hypocritical mumble jumble I have ever witness..good luck on having a leader who dosent even know geography 101..


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