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First, I'm not a Republican

I'm a Libertarian and voted for McIntyre, as well as two other Democrats.

Second, you apparently don't understand that the wave of conservativism sweeping this nation is a direct result of Bush's eight years followed by two of Obumbler. "No Child Left Behind" is just as unconstitutional as "Obamacare," and blowing billions on Medicare Drug Coverage is just as fiscally reckless as blowing billions on any of Obumbler's wealth redistribution schemes. What got the Republicans in the most trouble in 2006 and 2008 was abandoning fiscal responsibility and spending money like drunken sailors. (And a hapless Commander-in-Chief who had no desire to win either of the two wars you mentioned.)

However, the deficit has more than tripled since Bush left office, foreclosures haven't yet peaked, jobs continue to go overseas and will keep moving overseas (your hero is in Korea, getting ready to sign a trade deal), and we have a higher national debt (raw) than ever in our history....

...and we have a man at the helm who despises individual achievement, wants to punish undividual financial success, and has no focus regarding anything beyond his desire to destroy the American way of life.

So you just go ahead and think that Tuesday's result was because Obumbler is Black - if playing the race card is your only ammo, you're totally outgunned.


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