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The last two years of Bush's

The last two years of Bush's term we had Democrats controlling Congress...remember that? What got done then? Absolutely nothing. Also, Obama has spent more in TWO YEARS than any of the previous presidents COMBINED! And where has it gotten us? A 9.8% unemployment rate. Thats roughly 30 million people out of the job. Trillions and trillions in national debt. Spending 2 BILLION dollars on this middle east excursion he's taking this week. Gee, he sure does seem to be spending alot of tax payer money to go on his lavish vacations he seems to be taking every week. We also got this "great health care package" shoved down our throats, when the majority of the people DIDN'T WANT IT. The cost of that alone is astronomical. Most people are for less government intrusion in their lives. Foreclosures are at an all time high...don't even get me started with that...and the bank bailout! That's just a few things (out of MANY) that have been done wrong in this country since the Democrats have taken over.

Oh, and the Tea Party has been around for years, but ignorant people like you think they're destroying America and because of those false accusations they don't get very far. Tea Partiers are for less government and more individual freedom, AS OUR FOUNDING FATHERS INTENDED IT! Yes, that means our country was founded on conservative ideas. We got away from the British because we were tired of taxes! Now it seems like a repeat of history with all this B.S. "carbon credits," and people making over $250,000/yr being taxed more. And for what? Because they are living the American dream and working their hardest? Any president who is for distributing the wealth is a president I don't support.

Also, the stock market never crashed (except for in the 20's) so get your facts straight. And stop playing the race card. Democrats playing the race card...its really getting old. Stop making excuses and listen to the people. Democrats have not listened for the past two years. Proof? Tuesday voting. We, the people, gave control of the house to Republicans, who we think can do a better job than what Dems are currently doing.

I urge you to stop watching MSNBC, a channel full of political liberal hacks who are so biased they can't see straight. I love how they fired one of their best guys because he personally contributed to the that channel is nothing but Democrat central why on Earth would they fire him?


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