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Let me break out my violin...

What in the world is "social injustice" beside some rhetorical nonsense dreamed up by the "I wants what you gots" mentality?

There are Black children in every school in this county. There IS no racial segregation. There is also no legal remedy (nor should there be) for the completely natural economic segregation that arises between inner city and suburban residents. If you want your child to attend a suburban school, manage your OWN life, buy a house in the suburbs, and bingo - problem solved.

The county has an obligation to fund and staff schools equally, regardless of location. They have absolutely NO obligation to engage and fund sociological experiments that have consistently failed to document any improvement in student performance.

Lakeisha doesn't need a long bus ride to go hang out with Sally. She needs one or two caring parents who are home with her at night and can help her with her homework when she needs it. She needs good parental and community role models who stress the importance of individual effort, responsibility, and ethical behavior.

Give her that and SHE'LL be buying that big house in the suburbs some day!


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