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Amen, brother!

Could not have said it any better, but it will likely fall on deaf ears. Even when successful Blacks such as Bill Cosby, J.C. Watt, and Ward Connerly say the same thing, they are dismissed as being "Uncle Toms" or "Oreos."

It's easier to agree with the eternal victim mentality espoused by Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, than to do a thorough, hard, self-examination of how your life is affecting your children and their potential for future success in life.

I have several successful Black friends and co-workers. Every single one of them had one thing in common that they credit for their achievements - a strong parental influence who said, "My child is not going to grow up like I did" and took an interest in their daily life and conduct. They were there for the kid. They went to the parent-teacher conferences. They made sure the homework was done. They enforced the bed times.

As I stated in another message, Lakeisha is not going to find what she truly needs by visiting the suburbs for a few hours, five days a week.


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