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no child left behind

So true, how sad it is to think bussing Sally over to Lakeshia, or vice versa, will solve anything. And it was a very easy vote, Republicans on the board, knew what the majority wanted, and they know neighborhood schools are the best way to achieve. So sad to think that people believe Nick Rhodes,Redenbaugh, and DeSheilds will somehow solve the natural social issues that come up by making a circus out of school districts. Each child, needs their parent (s), to get involved EVERY day, that is what the democratic board members need to be addressing, rather than insulting everyone with accusations of being racist. To my great dissapointment, I found out from the board, that the issues behind the strange redistricting, although most were put in neighborhood schools, other neighborhoods like mine, were bussed accross town, and actually "switched out" with kids in one of the downtown schools. This was because of the law, no child left behind, which says that because the particular group of kids failed to meet the mark two years in a row, they can opt out of the district, and go to the performing school of their choice, hence the reason our area was moved down to take their place. This is a law that has to be brought up to Mr. Mike McIntyre, and only he can make that change, to remove such a ridiculous and insultive law, and a mirage. Once that law is removed, the board will have a better chance at keeping everyone in their neighborhood school. Hound McIntyre, this issue wont go away.


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