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This is a ridiculous statement

When I read this comment I had so much to say, but figured I would just let the facts show all of your statements as ridiculous ;
In response to:I dont hear about black kids going to school with long black leather jackets on with assault weapons and killing innocent children
OR they just wear their designated Gang Colors:

In Response to: I dont hear about black kids bullying kids into committing suicide (thats because they kill them before the suicide)

I could continue, but I wont. Race is not the issue with supporting neighborhood schools. All schools would succeed if parents would stay involved. I am a divorced white mother raising my children alone. I am extremely involved with my children's education. I work full time, and do with out all the extra luxuries to make sure my children live in an area that they can attend a good school. My children do not wear name brand clothes or shoes, they have no "bling", the harassment they get from children about their lack of expensive clothes, always comes from the children being bused in from poor areas.The only time they have been bullied at school, was from those same children. The only time they have been threatened, jumped, beat guess it..from those same children. I have tried to instill in them the importance of EDUCATION, by not only having them attend good schools, but by actually attending PTO meetings, concerts, parent teacher conferences, and just about anything the school invites us to participate in. I have already had one child prove this way of life as a success, as she is now in her third year of college,I still have two more in the New Hanover County School System but they are also proving that success comes from strong parental involvement.


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