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Gas prices due to Republicans?

What the hey does Republicans have to do with the gas prices? Are you lost in space? It's the Middle East and OUR stock markets yanking those strings!!! It's MONEY and GREED at it's finest! And no easier way to get it that to take from the American citizens over a NECESSARY commodity so we can get to work and back. They will do the same thing during the cold winters when we have to heat our homes. The funny thing is we can't get the first nuclear power plant off the drawing board. We can't focus on new technology for automobile fuels. Hell, we can't even control the illegal aliens spilling over our borders OR the laws that govern it.

For some ODD reason, I remember Mr. Barack Obama beating his pulpit, while angelically looking up all awe-inspired and strongly stating, "MY first priority will be to rid the United States of America from the dependence on foreign oil!" I say BullHooie!

I haven't seen the first lick taken by him on that effort yet! It is worse than it has ever been!!! Sorry your crystal ball is all brown and cloudy from where you had it stored since he was elected!


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