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What else?

Commonsensenotcommontoday and WilmingtonMAJ,

OK... let's say we close the parks and everything else. Let's close boat ramps, I don't boat. Let's close airports, I don't fly. Let's close Rt.40, I don't leave town. God takes sand away, why pay to put it back. Insurance subsidies keeping our rates low, a storm comes and we loses our houses, so what! We were dumb enough to build here. Think about government funded things you use on daily basis... do we really need that extravagance either!

What now geniuses?

Why not make real suggestions that can make a difference, come on! Name one thing that will truly lower taxes! Stop talking trinkets and trash.

Let's talk entitlements... if you're on Social Security, get off once you drawn what you've paid in. If you're on disability, get off, get a job and stop raising my rates. Unemployment, flip burgers! If you're on welfare... well you know the rest.

Trust me, I'll take a walk in the park or airlie any day for the few pennies it takes compared to the bigger picture. So get real!


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