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Okay...first question....

Why do we have ANY citizen, at all, who doesn't pay taxes? How, in a country founded upon the equality of man, and possessing a Constitution that guarantees "equal protection of law" does one man escape taxation totally, while another pays thirty-one percent or more?

I don't care if you make one hundred dollars a year - a small portion of that should be contributing to the support of the country that YOU live in.

Second question - in times of fiscal austerity, how would you rate the importance of the following:

* Law enforcement
* Fire protection
* Courts and corrections
* Road maintenance
* Sanitation and health
* Parks and recreation

Do you catch my drift? Yes, parks and recreation are nice, but they are also "nice to have" items. When the checkbook is empty, new foul lines at the Ogden fields is priority 999.

Airlie isn't like any park in the county. It's a very valuable piece of land, worth far more as a potential sale item than it will ever benefit the county or be enjoyed by the few visitors it attracts.

Placing a permanent "public garden" requirement means that the county has closed every door to future sale. Exactly why would the county want to reduce their fexibility and options? It's like buying a rare $30k shotgun and then scratching your initials on the receiver with a nail. You may never plan on selling it, but once you took that nail to it, you made sure you never could sell it!


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