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I actually was interviewed

I actually was interviewed and had they played my entire comment you would have heard me say that the centers off not only a place to vent but to connect with students who look like me when I come from being in a class where I am the only face of color in the room. You may not understand what that is like to constantly be the minority in a class EVERYDAY but the centers offer support. I have had students, when I was an orientation leader, who were black, hispanic, etc. ask me if there were more people "like them" and where could they connect with them. These centers offer that opportunity. Also, the centers offer support to different multicultural organizations on campus. They provide funding, programming space, advertising help and other services that fit specifically with challenges Multicultural Student Organizations face on a campus like UNCW. If the entire content of our interviews were shown you would see that our comments were also misplaced and cut into areas where the context of what we would be saying was incorrect.

Also, if you do not believe that something is remotely wrong with Mike Adams please follow the link.

Do you not find anything wrong with this? If not, then the conversation is over because you are unable to understand where we are coming from.


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