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I actually was interviewed

1. The interview expressly charged and condemns a student who wants to promote racial animosity and not diversity.

2. Girl, if people want to connect, they use social networks. In the past, bulletin boards in the hallways were used successfully. What yo be sayin about having a 'racially private' anything is another demand for entitlement, and like all the other its gonna stop comin. Get over it, be an American and get educated so you can hear what people are saying about individual freedom. Yo, stop dis'n an bein the angry hatred generator - get out and become something significant for yourself. Only you can stop yoself from bein da racist and da idiot. Word up from the Cos. That old man got sense, you need it. These organizations require money and if you aint got no job you spendin yo college on dem not yoself.

3. Offers support??? No one cares where yo comin from no more, sister. Nobody dont care nothing about yo past. Word up - what can you earn fo yo self? Get busy and get away from this place, or yo become a janitor in a museum for yo kind.

4. Where you comin from???? You talk bout feelin down an wanna feel better about yo race? Go ask a Native American his ancestors an what he did bout dat today. Ask a Jew, an Eskimo, or better yet - greet a United States Marine arriving home from Afghanistan -- at the airport -- before he sees his family, and ask him about feeling isolated.

Yo aint nuthin, sister, aint never gonna be nuthin it get it out yo head and get busy. lose dat place, and go to a Christian church. Look at a cross to understand loneliness. Ask God for forgiveness for being self-centered and using race as your idol god. Pray for the Holy Spirit to fill you with love and praise God for his mercy to all.


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