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You must be R.M. Hammer,

You must be R.M. Hammer, because you sure hit that nail on the head. What exactly are those double standards trying to say? Are blacks—or other benefactors of the double standard—not as intelligent as white males? Perhaps the K-12 education in "majority minority" (talk about oxymoron!) areas so terrible no one can get educated? (So why fix the problem in K-12 when you can just "socially promote" ill-served students to the next grade?) Perhaps the issue is cultural—actually learning in school is "acting white" and we don't want that—so any "fix" would be "blaming the culture" and you can't do that without being racist? Any serious study on the matter will show Thomas Sowell's articles on race have more correct than anyone else.

Double standards are stupid. It's time to fix the problem or shut up about it. It's definitely way past time to continue to let the race hucksters blackmail us into doing the wrong thing.


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