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You think it's cold here? Try Montana!

We've been cold the past few mornings for sure; lows in the 30's are nothing to sneeze at - but it could be worse! Take a look at our poor friends up in Montana on this Friday morning and it's just a cruel joke from nature. The coldest air the US has seen this year is invading, and it's not going to stay confined to the Great White North for too long!

Take a look to the right at some of the temperatures seen in Cut Bank, Montana this morning. (They're located about 30 miles south of the Canadian border.) They first fell below zero around 7:00 Thursday night, and it just went downhill from there.

Temperatures were well below zero by sunrise early this morning, and they bottomed out at a bone-chilling 15 degrees BELOW ZERO! That's the acutal temperature, not the wind chill. Thankfully there were calm winds, which didn't make matters feel worse than they actually were.

If you look below at the temperature graph, you can see that the cold air is just surging south from Canada. The temperature fell at Cut Bank consistently Thursday - even during the day. In 24 hours they went from a balmy 20 degrees above zero, to 15 degrees below zero. Unfortunately this is not a record for the date; that would be 33 below zero set back in 1921!

Unfortunately this cold weather heading into Montana right now is going to head across the country over the next week or so. We'll see this blast of cold air gather itself in the north for a while through this weekend, but heading into next week it starts to make a move to the Midwest. From there it will be a major player in creating a disruptive storm system across the Great Lakes and East for Thanksgiving. By Thanksgiving weekend, the cold are is here - even in the Southeast - and we'll see highs actually struggle to get out of the 40's by next weekend. Yikes!

In case you were wondering if there was any relief in sight for those poor Cut Bank-ians ... there isn't. Here's their latest forecast from the National Weather Service, and it isn't a pretty picture. At least they get above zero this afternoon before they had back into below zero double digits for lows this weekend. They can have it if you ask me!

That's all for now. Enjoy our 7th straight sunny weekend here across the Cape Fear region! We have not had a drop of rain or even clouds in the sky on a Saturday or Sunday since October 3rd.

- TB





By: Tim Buckley


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