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Stated like a tried and true TRAITOR!

This ship is part of the United States Navy and is part of the fleet that along with its sailors, protects this country and our freedom. One of the freedoms is the one you just used in an attempt to disgrace your very own military!

Innocent people? Are you referring to the "innocent" ones that killed over 3000 innocent men women and children on 9/11 and changed our world forever? Perhaps the "innocent" ones that ambushed our soldiers, murdered them, burned their bodies and hung them up on a bridge and then make sure all of America views it? Maybe you're talking about all of those "innocent" middle-eastern women that pack explosives under their clothing or the ones that load up a car with bombs with the intent of blowing our soldiers to bits? "Innocent", huh?

You know, our soldiers go to combat wearing uniforms that make them readily identifiable to the enemy. The "innocent ones" as you describe them, hide behind their street clothing like, stinking, sniveling cowards concocting new ways to kill anyone they can to earn a sweet spot in their "heaven". They use their women and children as sacrifices to kill our soldiers. They use underwear bombs, shoe bombs and any other viable method to induce more terror to our home skies, on our home aircraft and on our American citizens. More "innocents", right?

I see you as one of those "innocent" people that you refer to, devoid of conscience, lack of a soul with a cowardly shadow that chases your every step! I'll tell you what, if you will send me your name, I can get you enrolled as a top student into the next suicide bomber's training school in Afganistan. It's a short course, minimal practice required and you're a cinch to pass with accolades on your first test!

This country has no room for cowards and traitors. When someone expresses hope that this new Naval vessel will break apart as you have expressed, they obviously and with great intent, express passion and love for our enemy. That makes them PART of the enemy. That is YOU!

Now, all you have to do is publish your name...class is waiting!


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