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USS Gravely Commissioning

I attended the commissioning of the USS Gravely. As veteran myself and mother-in-law to one of it's sailors I was deeply honored to have the opportunity to be invited to this event. I have a reputation in my family for being a bit of a daredevil and risk taker. However, when my husband is out of town overnight I have this uneasy feeling about being alone. I have a difficult time sleeping at night; every sound I hear keeps me from going to sleep. Eventually, I'm so worn out from feeling fearful that I fall asleep. When he returns I sleep like a baby. I can't imagine spending every night of my life fearful of what or who could be out there to harm me or my family. Those men and women who volunteer to serve and protect "YOU" and me do so at risk to their own lives. I appreciate what they do for us. I appreciate the risks they take that allow me to sleep peacefully. There are places in this world where people come into your home night or day and take pleasure in doing things to you that only happen in nightmares. I don't give a damn what you think I'm grateful as hell for those men and women who protect you!


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