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Actually the truth is...

@truth seeker

for someone who's name is truthseeker, you sure don't look too hard. Do some research first. Most drivers aren't cited in this type collision. If they are, it's for reckless driving or something of the sort.

Additionally, LEOs ARE actually exempt from some laws while in the performance of their duties. Although a MDT can be a big distraction while driving, it is an invaluable tool for law enforcement while responding to a call, or for investigations. If an officer pulled over everytime he had to look at his "screen" he would never get anywhere... and you, or the person who called 911, would complain about why it took so long to get there. It's really a lose/lose situation for LEO. Not making excuses for the deputy... he/she will still most likely have to face internal ramifications to see if they could have prevented the collision, which it appears they could have.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not taking sides with all law enforcement. But please don't bunch every one into the same basket of apples.


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