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"I see local Law Enforcement all the time driving while talking on cell phones.."

Yeah, what gives. I NEVER see anyone else talking on their cell phones while driving. Plus, the police are the ONLY ones who EVER get in wrecks. Everyone else is so much safer than the police. The police should go back to the alien planet that they came from.

Get REAL Truthseeker. From the sound of your post, you only seek the truth that fits your personal opinions. I would imagine that as drivers, police, fire, and EMS personnel are among the safest. Of course, I can not make such broad statements of absolute certainty as you. What I can say with absolute certainty is that police officers are human just as you and I (SURPRISE!!!) and as such they are subject to mistakes, errors in judgment, and poor decisions, just as you and I.

Until we start reporting and commenting on the mistakes and errors of member of ever profession (including yours Lord Truthseeker) lets tone down the judgment and condemnation just a bit.

I for one appreciate the work that all our local emergency personal do. Hold your heads high and don’t let Truthseeker’s comments get you down.



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