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RE: Truthseeker

Truthseeker I have a few questions about your post. First you stated you see Law Enforcement driving around " talking on cellphones and reading screens" you then said you then see Law Enforcement " turn around and ticket people for the exact same thing" I would be interested to know how many people you know that have gotten a ticket for talking on a cellphone. There is no hands free law in NC so that makes no sense and as far as I know there is no law in NC "against reading a screen" so I am doubting you know or have seen anyone get a ticket for that as well. The issue of the article was the wreck that happened. Yes I agree the Deputy should have been paying attention and as a result of his lack of attention a wreck occurred. luckily no one was hurt as a result of his lack of attention. The Deputy was held at fault and their was no issue with who was at fault. Not all wrecks involve a ticket being issued, but there are too many folks that feel anything involving a Law Enforcement Officer, the Officer should be hammered. Anything that could be done to the Officer apparently better be done or the publci feels he is shown special treatment. Then the public always wants to go and state how they voted for the Sheriff but will not if this continues. Well if you read the article again you will see that it was Wilmingotn Police Department who investigated the wreck and determined the outcome and what action to take. Last time I checked the Sheriff doesnt run WPD. Just my opinion on this but the public always seems to be looking for some type of conspiracy to jump on a soapbox about..


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