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You People are Plain Stupid

First of all, not here but I have been in State Law Enforcement over 30 years. I know for a fact that if you run into the back of a patrol car and it causes damage you will be cited. Secondly, what do you think a citation is. You say no criminal offense but as usual with ignorant citizens you are wrong, it is. Any traffic offense is a crimal offense and it goes on your driving record even if as minor as improper equipment. Just because you are a Law Enforcement Officer you have to obey the same laws you enforce unless in the performance of legit duties. Looking at a screen is the same thing as reading a book while driving and both cause accidents. If he was approaching a stoplight it would not be following to closely because everyone is already bunched up in traffic. It is failure to reduce speed to avoid a collision like I said. So do not tell me to go out and do the job, I already have. You are the one who needs to do the job. My comment was to indicate that most people involved in a collision with a patrol vehicle that was caused by a violation most of the times results in a ticket. What is good for the public also applies to Law Enforcement. You allow Law Enforcement to run around doing what they want with no repercussions then you invite a police state. I support Law Enforcement fully, I respect the hard job they have as I have done it. But, be sensible, what if a Officer was reading his screen and veered over into another lane and hurt someone. Your thoughts is it is okay because they have to raed the screen. In my days we had no in board computers and relied on radio calls and therefore were cognizant of our surroundings because we were not driving and reading at the same time. So when you have filled the shoes for over 30 years you can talk. Until then your comments are those of ignorance and stupudity


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