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Redneck Riviera....seriously???

Um apparently you have been misinformed on what exactly a redneck is otherwise you would realize how stupid your post sounds.
I am proud to call myself a redneck. I hunt, fish, farm and live a unlavish lifestyle. I am college educated with a Bachelors Degree.
I live in the Southport Oak Island area and if you would actually take a moment to look you would realize that the majority of people who live on Oak Island are either dirt poor(not lazy or slothful)due to the collapsed economy which mainly consisted of CONSTRUCTION/BUILDING jobs or retired folks. Yes there are some bums that live there just as they live in Wilmington or Whiteville or Raliegh.
I make plenty of money (probably more than you will see in your slothful lifetime) but I chose to come back home to Brunswick County and I am proud of my "redneck" heritage and I am proud to live here and enjoy visiting Oak Island.
I think you need to learn the difference between being slothful and being dirt poor, trying to make ends meat and support your family anyway you can...even if it means getting your piece of the tourist pie.

If you dislike it so much, then I only have one question for you?


Oh, and did I mention I'm a WOMAN?


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