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Shame and a Disgrace!

Southeastern like all other "local management entities" who are responsible for acting much like an HMO to manage care for NC residents who are deemed "indigent" and have no other way to pay for their mental health, substance abuse, and/or development disability services was given a budget at the beginning of the state's fiscal year in July 2010 and had a responsibility to plan how those funds would be used to pay for services for the entire fiscal year. The state does not hold their hands and tell them how to spend the money - they allocate it to the local management entity and it is their responsibility to look at the current volume of people in need and come up with a benefit plan that will allow them to provide services for 12 months as well as continue to monitor the level of need and make necessary adjustments on a monthly basis. Southeastern is also required to report their financial status to the board and the state on a monthly basis. So why does this keep happening across the state? Not only are the Southeastern and similarly situated local management entity staff and directors asleep at the wheel but so are their board of directors who have a responsibility to oversee the financial status of the agency and the state representative who receive these monthly financial reports and simply file them away in a drawer instead of actually looking at the data and red flagging problem areas and investigating them before they hit crisis stage. These situations are maddening when you think of the fact that the local and state employees responsible for oversight are paid 100% in taxpayer dollars with 0 accountability. Heads should be rolling all over the place but instead the newspaper will print a couple of articles, the state will find some money from somewhere most likely so will the counties involved and it will all get swept under the rug to only happen again. Citizens in Southeastern's area should really stand up and demand accountability of all involved state, board of director, and Southeastern staff to make sure that this does not happen again!


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