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WILMINGTON, NC (WWAY) -- Who killed their mother and why? Nearly a year after someone murdered Tiffany Dawkins two days after Christmas her family desperately wants answers. For two little girls this Thanksgiving was the first Thanksgiving without their mother. Christmas is just around the corner and this is just the beginning of spending the rest of their holidays without their mom. A life ended. Just two days after Christmas last year someone shot and killed Tiffany Dawkins. The killer dumped Tiffany's body on Highway 133 in Rocky Point. "That in itself you would think there would be somebody who knew something especially with the nature of the crime," said Shaun Delancey, who is the father of Tiffany's children. "It definitely wasn't something that was accidental. It was premeditated." Their lives have not been the same since the murder. For Delancey and his two girls it's been a never ending horror story. Delancey is raising the two little girls all on his own and has received few answers about the murder. There have been few breaks in the case and that's something hard to come to grips with. "It's been real tough but ya gotta move forward and do what you can and just take everything day by day." Days quickly turned into months and now the family is coming up on the one year anniversary of Tiffany's murder. Delancey says detectives have little evidence about who pulled the trigger. As the girls grow older they're asking questions about why their mother isn't around. They are questions neither Delancey nor Pender County detectives have any answers. "Whomever is responsible for these crimes is still out on the streets today and this could happen to anybody and it's just scary to think that whomever is responsible is still free among people and living and breathing air while Tiffany is dead and gone," said Delancey. ANYONE WITH INFORMATION IS ASKED TO CALL THE PENDER COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE AT 910-259-1212. THERE IS CURRENTLY A $5,000 REWARD FOR ANYONE THAT CAN HELP OUT WITH THE MURDER INVESTIGATION. Tiffany's family is holding a candlelight vigil on December 27th at Liberty Ministries on 7957 Market Street from 6-8 p.m.

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